Delea Shand

classical singer, music educator, writer, comedian, actor

Madame chandelier’s rough guide to the opera

Having stolen this great music from the grand opera house, Madame Chandelier, the joyfully ridiculous and self-proclaimed anti-diva of opera, is tearing down the pretence and bringing opera to the people. In a camp fusion of comedy, cabaret and opera, Madame Chandelier guides you through her favourite opera plots, with jokes, dramatic death scenes, and a Nessun Dorma sing-along! Real opera is expensive. But Madame Chandelier is cheap. (just wait til you see the costumes)

★★★★ North West End

Nominated for:

BEST COMEDY SHOW — Manchester Fringe 2019

BEST NEWCOMER — Manchester Fringe 2019

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13 JUNE — Hastings Fringe Comedy Festival, The Printworks, 7:30pm, INFO HERE

16 JUNE — The Cavendish Arms, London, 5pm (babes in arms welcome)

27 JUNE — The Bill Murray Pub, Angel Comedy, London, 5:15 INFO HERE (babes in arms welcome)

13 JULY — Manchester Fringe, The Kings Arms Salford, 9pm TICKETS HERE

19 JULY — Clapham Omnibus Theatre, London, 7:30pm TICKETS HERE

29 JULY — Camden Fringe, London, Hen and Chickens, 9pm TICKETS HERE

1 - 18 AUG — Edinburgh Fringe, City Cafe, 12:00pm INFO HERE

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ABOUT madame Chandelier…

When you’ve spent your whole life trying and training to be an opera singer, but then you have kids, and you can’t get any work, or even any auditions – you teach yourself the accordion and start singing opera at stand-up comedy clubs instead. That’s what Delea Shand did, when she created Madame Chandelier.

Madame Chandelier is the comedian opera has been waiting for!

Madame Chandelier has sung (right outside) the world’s best concert halls. She’s bringing opera to the people! And then she makes them help her do the show. The love child of Anna Russell (made opera jokes) and Florence Foster Jenkins (was opera joke), Madame Chandelier guides you through her favourite plots and arias, with jokes, an accordion, and a Nessun Dorma sing-along. The show that believes we all need a little more opera in our lives. But not 4-5 hours. Just 45 minutes.  

Brilliantly memorable.” Operissima

“Madame Chandelier’s charm and talent makes it entertaining and very funny.” ★★★★ North West End

Whether you’re a seasoned opera-goer or a complete newbie to the art form, Madame Chandelier’s Rough Guide to the Opera has something for you.Fest

Canadian soprano, Delea Shand, trained and performed as a classical singer for over a decade. Then she had kids, and moved from NYC to London, lured, mostly, by the promise of free babysitting from her husband’s British parents. She loves doing stand-up, because she can write jokes and take care of her kids by day, and do comedy by night, while her husband is home doing half of the childcare. Ask her kids what this show is about, and they’ll say: “Mommy does opera jokes.”  

Delea has a degree from one good music college, and three more from places her parents mostly just resent having to paying for. She won Royal Vauxhall Tavern’s Got Talent competition, 2018